Van Gogh should have printed his works of art on ChromaLuxe

Fading photo art

Vincent van Gogh was already familiar with the fading of an artwork over time. Paintings wither like flowers ", wrote Vincent van Gogh. It is a pity that at that time his works of art could not yet be printed on ChromaLuxe, then we would have had a better idea of his works of art. ChromaLuxe lasts more than 100 years.

Clothing, furniture, toys, toys, cars, photos, etc. discolour when exposed to sunlight. All around us we see discolouration occur. Often we don't get it through either because it goes slowly and we can't compare the colours with the initial stage. In many cases, discolouration doesn't matter much, but discolouration can be a problem with a photo art. Colours are often an essential part of art. It is important that you take this into account. 

Why does fading occur?

Fading of artwork by light

Fading occurs when the inks come into contact with light. Light is a radiation consisting of different wavelengths. The shorter the wavelengths, the more energy the light particles have. The ultraviolet light that enters a home through standard single or double glazing is the biggest cause of discolouration of the inks. In addition, there may also be discolouration due to ambient light. The discoloration is also called photo degradation.

So pay attention to where your works of art hang. If you hang a work of art close to a window, it will discolour more quickly.

Oorzaken van verkleuring kunstwerk

Myth of fading

Most of us associate discoloration only with ultraviolet radiation. As a result, it is often thought that a UV-resistant film can prevent discoloration at the window. This is not true, as other factors also influence discolouration. Ultraviolet radiation partially (40%) causes a photo art to discolour. Visible light and infrared radiation also cause discolouration. The remaining 10% can be caused by the cleaning agents and the quality of the material.

Fading of photo art is a thing of the past with ChromaLuxe

By using sublimation technology, inks are introduced into a polyester coating. ChromaLuxe has developed a coating which has a very high UV resistance. The influence of UV radiation on the inks is thus minimized.

Colour test report by Wilhelm Imaging Research

The colour fastness of ChromaLuxe has been tested by the company Wilhelm Imaging Research. This company specializes in testing the stability and preservation of colour photos. In 2016 Wilhelm Imaging Research conducted a test with the aluminium photo panels of ChromaLuxe.

Henry Wilhelm of Wilhelm Imaging Research about ChromaLuxe test

What has been tested?

High UV-resistant plates

Sublimated ChromaLuxe aluminium panel prints were tested under Wilhelm Imaging research criteria with two different ink sets:

  • Epson 4-Color UltraChrome DS inks
    Sawgrass 8-colours Sublime HD Pro Photo XF Sublime XF Sublimation Ink

When using Epson ink, a Wilhelm Display Permanentence of 65 years of age was achieved.
When using the Sawgrass inks, a Wilhelm Display Permanentence of 64 years of age was achieved.

What is meant by Wilhelm Display Permanentence?
The assessment is equal to the number of years before any noticeable changes in the colour balance occur at a high light level. Under normal light conditions, we expect ChromaLuxe aluminium panels to last more than 100 years.

What were the criteria for testing?
Panels were exposed to a display condition of 450 lux for 12 hours per day.

The lux is a unit of illuminance. Lux is used as a value to represent the amount of light per square metre.

What professional photographers tell about ChromaLuxe

Are these results applicable everywhere?

The results do not apply to all lighting levels. The lighting conditions in houses, offices, museums and galleries vary. Images last longer in a dark room. The lifetime of a print will be shortened when exposed to a more intense light environment than the Wilhelm test at 450 lux.

Below are some lux values in daily life:

  • Museums and galleries: 50 - 150 lux (depending on the material)
  • Hotel room: 100 lux
  • Home: 150 - 300 lux
  • Shop: 300 - 500 lux
  • Outside (cloudy): 1,000 lux
  • Outdoor (daylight): 10,000 lux

Maintenance of photo art on ChromaLuxe

Maintaining ChromaLuxe aluminium photo art is easy. The front side is covered with a polyester coating. This coating can be cleaned with a damp cloth. It is possible to use cleaning agents to clean the coating. The back of the panel is made of aluminium which is anodised. Under normal circumstances, this has a very long service life and requires no maintenance. In case of high humidity, it is advisable to periodically clean the rear side of the unit.

  1. Photo art on ChromaLuxe - Storing
    Storing a photo art on ChromaLuxe is best done in a dry, dark space with a temperature of around 20°C. These are the best conditions for storing the photo panel for a very long time. The photo panel is resistant to high and low temperature. It is even resistant to fire. When exposed for a long time to high temperature (>100°C), the inks may evaporate.

  2. Photo art on ChromaLux - Vulnerability
    An aluminium panel from ChromaLuxe is vulnerable because it is a very thin sheet. The corners are very sensitive to bumps. When transporting, it is important that the sheet is protected all round with edge protectors. The suspension system provides solidity of aluminium sheet metal.

  3. Photo art on ChromaLuxe - Light
    Light causes a photo art to discolour. Due to the high UV resistance of the panel, this will go very slowly. In order to counteract discolouration optimally, UV poor lamps can be chosen. In this way it is also possible to choose UV resistant films for the window.

  4. Photo art on ChromaLuxe - Humidity
    Air humidity is not important. The ChromaLuxe photo panels were even used under water at an exhibition in a swimming pool. They can also be used in a shower or toilet room.

  5. Photo art photo art on ChromaLuxe - Dust& dirty
    Dust& dirt makes the high gloss of the coating less visible. The dirt can easily be removed with a wet wrung cloth. With a little detergent, grease stains can also be removed.

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