Packaging and shipping professional art work

Shipping artwork

From experience I know that ChromaLuxe photo panels need to be treated with extra policy. The aluminium sheets are thin (which has the advantage that they are very lightweight), making the corners vulnerable. Having a work of art printed on ChromaLuxe safely shipped requires extra attention when packing.

Different sizes in photo panels
One of the problems I encountered was that a work of art often does not meet the standard formats. Artist are too creative to stick to the standard formats. Because there are no standard formats, you can also not put boxes in stock. So you have to be creative about this. I had already phoned several boxes of manufacturers to ask if they could also make smaller runs, but this is going to be very expensive.

Now I had already experienced three times that a panel had arrived damaged the customer. Although I had packed it well and firmly and made use of edge protectors, this turned out not to be enough. The deliverers are in a hurry, as a result of which they do not always treat the parcels neatly. They don't throw the parcels in the front yard from a distance.

It was therefore necessary to improve packaging. After visiting a packing company and taking information to me via the internet, I have now found a good packing method to pack artwork properly.


Print artwork on ChromaLuxe

Packaging artwork well

aluminium photo panel packed with edge protectors

Because the corners of ChromaLuxe are very sensitive,[inspended] extra attention must be paid to this when packing. In order to make the work of art shockproof, it is packed double-layer. The artwork is wrapped in foam film, reducing dirt and scratches on the photo panel.

When the foam film is wrapped around the panel, the corners are protected with corner profiles.Thick corner profiles are used to ensure that the corners cannot be damaged quickly.

extra stevig ingepakt fotopaneel met folie

Artwork in extra box packed

Now that the panel is protected from dirt and scratches I make an extra layer of cardboard around the box to protect it from knocks. The work of art is therefore double wrapped. Most hauliers also recommend this when sending works of art abroad. If parcels are insured, this is often also a requirement.

I then pack the work of art with cardboard with bubble wrap. Now the package can be put in a box. I always make sure that the work of art cannot slide into the box. This is one of the reasons why a panel is damaged because it can slide. When the panel is firmly in the box I seal it with tape. I use our own tape to do this, so that it is clearly recognisable.

I also use a warning tape that contains fragile contents. I don't know if this also has any influence on the people at the packaging company, I can understand that if you see boxes coming by every day with this sticker I can see that you become immune to this.

Print artwork on ChromaLuxe

Send large format artwork

artwork shipping pallet aluminium plates

We sublimate up to 110 x 180cm in size. For large sizes, I sometimes make the choice to transport them by pallet. Even with orders of large numbers I sometimes make the choice to transport them by pallet. Another option is to have them delivered by a local courier. These couriers know the material and handle it with care.

I hadn't thought beforehand that packing is an intensive job. It is an art in itself to pack a work of art well, but once it is well packed it gives a reassuring feeling and it is also fun to do.

Feel free to print and send your fine-art prints with us!

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