New at Chromio: Round size aluminium

Photo on round aluminum

It is now also possible to print your photo at Chromio on a round panel. This gives the picture a completely different look. The round sizes are now available in three different sizes: 20,30 and 50 centimetres. It is also possible to order other photo panels on request.


Photo on round aluminum

Round photo panels in the bathroom, spa or pool area

The ChromaLuxe panels are waterproof and can be hung in a very humid environment. The ink is in the coating the aluminium! Even after showering many times the picture remains beautiful. The ChromaLuxe panels are also easy to keep clean. Soap can even be used to clean the panel thoroughly. Ideal to cheer up your bathroom!

Round photo panel outside on the wall

You see it more and more, photos that are hung outside. It is now mainly the canvas cloths that are moisture-resistant. The ChromaLuxe aluminium photo panel can also be hung outside. It is also easy to remove deposits with some soap. A round photo gives a fun playful effect to your garden.

Portrait photographs in round format

Are you a photographer or do you have your own webshop? A nice way is to have a portrait photo printed in a round format. The photo panels are hanging suspended on the wall, which gives a beautiful effect. By having the portrait photos printed on different sizes you get a beautiful work of art from photos on the wall.

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