Luxury photo panel for the office

Office equipment aluminium photo panel

Today, many people spend more time in their offices than in the living room. However, little attention is paid to the design of an office. The white walls, office tables and filing cabinets often make the decor of an office room.

A nice and cozy furnishing of your office is not only important for you but also for customers. The design of an office can contribute to increased productivity and positivity. Compare it to the layout of a living room or restaurant. The type of lighting can already contribute to the first impression of your food and how you find it tastes. Research shows that people find the food less tasty with fluorescent light. A good office design leaves a better impression on your customers.

Make use of luxury aluminum photo panels

By using aluminium photo panels printed by sublimation, you leave a strong impression on your customers. A photo printed by sublimation on aluminum ChromaLuxe gives a powerful image. The sharpness and depth of colour brings a photo to life, which creates a direct atmosphere in an office. By combining images a nice atmosphere can be created. The possibilities with aluminium are enormous. It is also possible to cover an entire wall with photos with an aluminium photo collection.

Painting suspension system for ceiling

Often the walls of offices remain empty because a building is rented. The tenant may not drill holes in the walls. By using a painting ceiling suspension system, an aluminium panel can be easily suspended from the ceiling. Integrated lighting can also be selected here. The suspension systems are highly flexible, making the photo panels easy to move around.

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