Large format exterior information boards

Outdoor sublimation photo panels aluminium

For the winning design 'Windows on the past' by designer Karin Colen we were allowed to make the photo panels. A very nice project! In September 2019, around the Airborne commemoration of 75 years of operation Market Garden, the landmark was unveiled.

Chromio was asked to realize the information panels for the memorial 'Windows on the past'. The signs contain information about the Airborne operation during the Second World War. By means of sublimation, these signs are provided with an imprint. These signs were then placed in a concrete pedestal.

Tip: We can supply custom information boards with drill holes. The aluminium signs are durable and 100% recyclable. We can also supply signs with a very high scratch resistance.

Outdoor signs

outdoor signing aluminium by sublimation

The signs are specially made to fit in the pedestals. The information boards had to have 6 holes and also rounded corners. These finishes were applied by milling. 

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