HDR photo on ChromaLuxe

The photo entitled 'Return of the Aurochs' was taken in the Maashorst, a nature reserve in the east of Noord-Brabant. Besides tauruses, the area is also home to wisents and Exmoor ponies. The tauros descends indirectly from the aurochs. This makes them look impressive and they sometimes fall out in a fearsome and ferocious roar. With the introduction of the tauros the aurochs has returned to European territory, as it were, hence the title 'Return of the Aurochs'.

The photo won the 1st prize in the photo contest "Living in and on the Maashorst". Since then, there has been an interest to hang the photo on the wall in a big way. It is a colourful and majestic image in which three wild animals together form an impressive composition. Accompanied by two birds flying overhead, it looks like a monumental sculpture from a distant past.

HDR photography

The photo is remarkably clear and rich in contrast because HDR has been used in which two exposures are merged into one image. The photo has been given a great depth of field by the use of 'focus stacking', in which several photos have been taken that are focused on different points. As a result, both the front cow and the rear cow are in focus. Photoshop ultimately ensures that the photos come together into an end product.

The photo 'Return of the Aurochs' is part of a collection of nature photography with hundreds of colorful images from the Maashorst nature reserve. As a professional photographer I am very happy and impressed by Chromio's ChromaLuxe aluminium prints, not only for nature photography but also for other forms of photography.

If you want to see more photos by Michel Schamp, please visit Oxovisuals.com

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