Glow in the Dark aluminium photo panels printing

Glow in the dark photopanel

Recently we now have the opportunity to offer Glow in the Dark photo panels. These photo panels give light in the dark and during the day they have the normal colors. The white parts light up in the dark.

The coating of the aluminum is coated with a powder which causes fluorescence. The powder absorbs light and radiates it again in the dark. This can take up to 8 hours. The possibilities with this are incredibly cool. Very interesting for interior designers, photographers, artists and companies.

Tip: Are you an interior designer and would you like to know more about the possibilities? We offer a variety of unique personalized products.

Glow in the dark with high contrast

Glow in the dark photopanel

By using photos with high contrasts, the effect is enhanced. The dark parts radiate less light than the white parts. This allows you to create fun effects in the dark.

We print the Glow in the Dark photo panel by means of sublimation. The inks are then locked in the coating. This makes a photo also scratch and water resistant and the panel is also suitable for outdoor use.

For the consumer we offer the Glow in the Dark photo panels in 3 standard formats. These can easily be ordered via our webshop Vinsio.

Unique coating for sublimation

We use a unique coating which gives a very high quality when sublimating. The coating is a unique concept that makes an image appear razor-sharp on the aluminium. In addition, the coating is water, fire and UV resistant. The material is therefore excellent for outdoor use. Where other materials with an image quickly fade to several years and sometimes even months, a photo on our material remains excellent in color. It is a very durable product.

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