Framing of ChromaLuxe photo panels

Which frame use photo aluminium

When printing fine art on ChromaLuxe you can choose to frame the aluminium panel. This allows you to support or even strengthen the work of art.

Type of frames

How is the subject of the work of art best expressed? Which frame suits the interior? Floating or traditional? Glossy or subtle? We offer a variety of options when choosing a frame. Here you have a choice of different types of frames and colours.

Aluminium tray frames

ChromaLux aluminium tray frame

We offer the unique opportunity to place the ChromaLuxe panels in frames. This causes the aluminium to float in the frame. These frames are made entirely of aluminium. The ChromaLuxe panels are glued into the tray by means of VHB tape. It gives a beautiful spatial effect.

There are three different colours of tray frames available: black, white and aluminium.

Aluminium and wooden frames

Luxury wooden frame for ChromaLuxe

The wooden frames we offer are designed with a sense of design and finished with high quality material. The frames make the ChromaLuxe panels even more distinctive and give them a high quality appearance. We can supply the wooden profiles in any size required.

Besides the wooden frames we also offer aluminium frames. The possibilities are enormous to give a fine art the perfect look with a frame. The aluminium frames are subtle but give the necessary accents.

Aluminium lijsten verschillende kleuren

Photo frame formats

The aluminium frames can be ordered in any desired format. As a photographer or artist, you are not bound to a fixed size, but we offer you the opportunity to deal creatively with your works of art.

Geen glas

Photo aluminum picture frame for ChromaLuxe photo panel

A picture on ChromaLuxe doesn't have to be taken behind glass. The photo panel has a strong coating which is resistant to scratch, water and sunlight. It is also easy to clean. The coating on the panel provides a very nice depth effect and has a glossy surface.

Photographer or artist?

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Printing of fine art on ChromaLuxe


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