Drop shipping of beautiful photo panels

Chromaluxe panels by sublimation

Recently we were able to welcome a new webshop that makes use of our dropshipping services for photo panels. We offer the possibility to send a photo panel directly to the customer. This way you can be busy with photography and selling, while we arrange the handling of the photo panel for you.

Dropshipping is gaining popularity. This can also be explained by the fact that online sales are still increasing every year and it has become much easier to start an e-commerce webshop. Within a few minutes you have a webshop up and running and sales can start. With dropshipping, the advantage is that you don't have to deal with the products and possible shipping yourself. It will be arranged for you.

Unique photo products for dropshipping

We also offer dropshipping for photographers, artists and interior designers. We offer the possibility to offer unique and high-end photo panels to your customers. We provide the photo products with a photo by means of sublimation technique. The ink is brought into the coating by means of heat and pressure. This ensures an amazingly beautiful result.

HPL (trespa) with scratch-resistant image

In addition to the HD aluminium photo panels, we can also provide many other materials with an image. We also have the unique process to provide HPL panels with a scratch-resistant image. We don't use stickers here (which can come off), but put the inks in the HPL plate. The plates can also be milled to size. So one possibility is to make strong scratch resistant tabletops with your own print (for example a logo) on them. 

Tip: In addition to photo panels, we also offer other unique personalised products. Are you an interior designer and do you have great ideas for personalizing an interior? Then please contact us.

Webshop Galaxies

webshop Galaxies

The Galaxies webshop offers unique sculptures made of minerals. With a special technique, photos are merged into a HD image. These images are of very high resolution and sharpness. By using our sublimation technique we are able to transfer these images to the aluminium photo panel with razor-sharp clarity.  

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