Acrylic printing and forming

Bending acrylic with picture

Acrylate is a material that is easy to work with. It is also increasingly used in interiors, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Because it is so laborious, the possibilities with this material are enormous. Chromio can provide Acrylate with an image and also deform it.

We can print different types of acrylate sheets. For example, we can insert an image in crystal-clear or opal-white acrylic. The plates can be made to measure in any shape or form.

Tip: With this option you can think of a huge number of applications for the interior. Are you an interior designer and do you have good ideas? Then make an appointment, so we can see if we can realize these ideas together!

Acrylic bending and deforming

Printing in acrylic

After we have applied the image to the acrylic, we can bend the panel into a certain shape. By using a mould, it can get the exact shape that is desired. The uniqueness of our printing process is that the ink is introduced into the material. The inks are locked in the material! So you get a very strong material with a scratch-resistant photo.

We can also print the acrylic plates in different thicknesses. So we can print plates from 3mm up to and including 3cm.

Glitter Gold Acrylic Printing

Print on gold acrylic

We also have the possibility to provide acrylic with a glitter gold background. Many other acrylic finishes are also possible.

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