Printing aluminium plate

Sublimation icons / icons / templates

We sublimate icons on aluminum photo panels. It is possible to sublimate an icon on a blank background. The aluminium is still visible. In addition to blank aluminum, it is also possible to sublimate an icon on white matt or white gloss. The icons can be sublimated to different thicknesses and sizes.

Safety icons

Are you looking for safety icons? We can compile different sets of icons for you and we can also customize these icons for your creation and sublimation. Do you want a text with an icon? That is also possible. All you need to do is submit the text and we will create it for you!

Advantages of an icon over text

An icon is an image/symbol that conveys a particular message and serves as a replacement for a text. The advantage of an icon is that it is easy for everyone to understand regardless of the language they speak. By giving an icon a certain shape or color, this will help many people recognize it.


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