Creating an information board on aluminium

Aluminium information boards for outdoor use

Aluminium sublimation is ideal for outdoor information boards. The aluminium plates are vandal resistant and can be supplied in different thicknesses, shapes and sizes. It is possible to create texts with images on aluminium which can then be placed in a park or other public place. We can also sublimate a photo/text on large format aluminium panels. The aluminium panels for outdoor use can be provided with an extra UV-resistant coating, which reduces the amount of discolouration.  

  • Vandal resistant
  • Bright colours
  • Every size and different shapes available
  • Sharp price
  • Waterproof
  • Large size up to 110 x 175cm
  • Equipped with extra UV resistant coating


Requests for quotation information board

QR information board

A QR information board is an aluminum sign with a QR code. By scanning the QR code more information about a certain product, part, object, etc. can be requested. For example, the signs can be placed along bicycle routes, in shops and museums. Chromio works together with QRpaaltje. nl  to realize this.

Aluminium information boards for indoor use

In addition to information boards for outdoor use, we also supply aluminium panels for indoor use of ChromaLuxe. These aluminum plates are 1.14mm thick and have a very tight coating layer. ChromaLuxe aluminium panels are made of high quality material and images become extremely bright and colourful on ChromaLuxe coating. These photo panels are often used for printing photographic work.

Tailor-made information board

We also supply the information boards on aluminium for indoors custom made. If desired, we can supply different formats and shapes with your own text, logo and image. The information panels look very nice in the smooth coating layer developed by ChromaLuxe.