Logo printing on aluminium plates

Sublimation logo on aluminium

A logo is your company's business card. It reflects the identity. Sublimating your logo on one of our aluminium panels guarantees attention! The aluminium photo panels have a beautiful sheen and stand out when suspended from the wall. The aluminium panels are ideal to bring your business to the attention of your company. The panels can be hung both inside and outside. With a simple adhesive strip, the photo panels can be attached outside to a stone or wooden wall.

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The ChromaLuxe coating layer is so strong that it is fire-resistant. A cigarette can be expressed on it without affecting the image. This thick coating layer gives a logo on an aluminium plate extra depth and shine.

  • Logo printed by sublimation
  • Logo printed on pure aluminium
  • Luxury and professional look and feel
  • Beautiful deep shine and rounded corners
  • Waterproof
  • Sharp price
  • Logo on small format

Logo on small format aluminum signs

An ideal way to bring your company to the attention of your company is to sublimate your logo in small format aluminum plates. These panels can be easily installed or suspended. The photopanels are 1.14mm thin and have a thick coating layer.