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"The best business decision I ever made was to offer metal prints to my galleries and collectors."

Sell more photo art! Bring your professional photos or illustrations to the attention of your audience in a way that will impress them like never before. Chromio offers photographers and artists a product (ChromaLuxe) with unique depth of field and brilliance that no other product can match. Make a lasting visual impact on your audience with the high-quality print capabilities at Chromio.

The first time people see ChromaLuxe panels, they are surprised by the quality and depth of the image. Our High-Definition photo panels are not only beautiful to look at, but the durability is unrivalled. This high quality is obtained by sublimation technology. Sublimation  is a technique in which the ink is put into a coating by means of pressure and heating.

ChromaLuxe you must have seen to get a good impression. Request a free sample of 10 x 15cm today.

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Watch the video of a Fine Art Specialist Alan Blazer about the material ChromaLuxe here.

The difference lies in the details

At Chromio, we have perfected our production process to produce the photographic product of the highest quality currently available on the market. The aluminium photo panels are equipped with a very fine multi-layer polymer finish. The photo panels contain a unique coating that forms the basis for a sublime and durable image.

"The best business decision I ever made was to offer metal prints to my galleries and collectors. Metal print sales more than doubled my income in the first year alone, and is increasing ever since. Metal is the new standard of quality and presentation. Nothing makes my photography stand out better than being printed on metal."


What is sublimation?

Sublimation is a technique in which the pressure and heating of an image is applied to a coating in a very sharp and durable manner.Sublimation literally means a phase transition from a solid phase to a gaseous phase. Instead of printing an image directly on the surface, which can easily scratch, the image is put in the coating to provide permanent protection.

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Are you a photographer or artist or do you have a studio and are you curious about our product? Request a free sample of 10 x 15cm.

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"We have been selling landscapes and portraits at ChromaLuxe in the gallery for a few years and are often asked about the printing process. We give the information about the process to our customers more confidently than ever before. ChromaLuxe is the most popular product we sell in the gallery.


Rising artist Ophear highlighted

We make a selection of rising artists and bring their work to light by printing it on ChromaLuxe. Are you not yet familiar with ChromaLuxe and are you interested in promoting the work of an emerging artist? Please contact us.

Geplaatst door Ophear Art op zaterdag 4 november 2017

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Chromio has exclusive rights to deliver Ophear's work in the Benelux. We are still looking for workshops that want to exhibit the work of Ophear.See more of his work on

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Print photo Artwork Printing
Print photo Artwork Printing

Customization of sublime products

Our focus is on delivering high quality products. Since 2013 we have moved into the world of sublimation. Since then, we have made big leaps and bounds and are now doing the sublimation process entirely in-house.

Personal contact

We consider personal service and customer satisfaction very important. Because we are still a small company and do everything in-house, we can also pursue this objective.

Color management

Our mission is to provide customers with prints that are as close as possible to expectations. This process is especially complex in the case of sublimation because many variables need to be well matched to each other in order to achieve the right printout. We have done everything we can to get the perfect colours. Do you want a proof print? This can be done at a reduced price.