Let your artwork print by sublimation

Printing on highly durable ChromaLuxe photo panels by dye sublimation. This guarantees the highest quality print quality with a very long service life. Perfect for exhibitions of works of art.

Thanks to sublimation, your work of art will remain beautifully coloured for years. Because the inks are locked in the coating, it is discoloured at least over the years. This makes sublimation an ideal way to sublimate works of art. A brilliant result is achieved by using the best coating. Printouts are rendered in crisp and very colourful shades on the ChromaLuxe coating.

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Apply for a proof

For art-works, it is important that the colours match perfectly. Especially when it comes to increased circulation. It is therefore possible with us to apply for a sample printout in small format. If desired, we can make a cut-out in a smaller size.

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Hundreds of artists  and top photographers have discovered  which makes ChromaLuxe ideal for subliming art prints and professional top-quality photos. Perfect for  sales, a gallery or an exhibition.

Sublimation for artists

High quality artwork printing

By using sublimation and the high quality panels of ChromaLuxe a very high quality is achieved. We use calibration software and make sure that the colours match the artwork you have supplied. Having a work of art printed by sublimation has a very long life span. The coating on the aluminium ensures that UV light hardly has any influence. Research shows that it lasts for more than 100 years. In contrast to exposy resin, which turns yellow quickly thanks to UV light.