What a professional photographer thinks of ChromaLuxe

ChromaLuxe for photographers

Print photo for amateur to professional photographers

As a photographer, you are always looking up to make your photographic work shine. We sublimate photos on aluminum photo panels of the best quality. We use calibrated screens and do everything we can to make the perfect print. Check out our products in our showroom to see how sharp and brilliant a photo becomes by  sublimation technique.

It is important when printing a photo that the colours are as close to reality as possible. That's why we use calibrated screens and have followed a ChromaLuxe course to get the perfect colors. In addition, we also check the colours under daylight lamps. It is also possible to request a[spot] proof printout so that you can see what the colors look like.

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Unique& professional photo prints

The aluminum HD photo panel has a very nice harmonious look and feel. For the photographer who is looking for something unique, these aluminium photo panels offer a solution. Because the aluminium sheets have a thick coating layer, the ink can attach itself extra well to the surface. By using sublimation technique, the ink is connected to the coating. This gives it a depth effect.

Chromio offers photographers unique options for printing photos on aluminium photo panels. We will be happy to come by once to give you more information about sublimating on aluminium and what possibilities are there for you all! See also become a reseller.


Modern wall decoration

Print photo on aluminum, resistant to water, scratches and stains. For extra long photo fun! The result is obtained by using the sublimation technique, whereby the photos are not placed on top of the aluminium, but by heating it becomes one with the aluminium. The top layer - polyester coating - provides phenomenal sharpness, depth, shine and colours! Only meant for top-quality photos. It is also possible to print a photo on a table top. Ideal for exhibitions or presentations.


Are you a photographer?

Are you a photographer and would you like to know more about our product for photographers? We like to visit once to show a photo panel. These panels are only meant for photographers. The photo panels have straight angles and can be made in any size you want.  

Learn more about Chromio photo panels

The aluminium photo panels can be used for various purposes! Do you have very large files or do you want to order multiple photos at the same time? It is all possible at Chromio. We will gladly help you! Would you like to know more or the aluminium panels? You can always contact us! We will be happy to visit you once to explain more about sublimation on aluminium!


ChromaLuxe for nature photographers - photo on aluminium.

Nature photography on aluminium by sublimation

In recent years, the art of nature photography has become a combination of camera and computer techniques. Often it happens that the photo is not as we remember. Computer software allows us to improve a photo as we remember a moment. In this way, perception and expression come closer together. Nature photography is a subject separate from photography, but it is a subject that everyone can learn.

Printing of ultra sharp nature photos

A natural photograph on aluminium by sublimation brings the photo to life. The deep colour, sharpness and shine make the memory of that one moment come back to life. Sublimating a photo brings perception and expression even closer together.

With us it is possible to order any size required. In this way it is also possible to print a panorama picture[nbspsp] near us. Any relationship is therefore possible. In this way we can also cut shapes and cut out certain elements.