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ChromaLuxe is a brand name of a product made by Universal Woods. The brand stands for brightness and vividness of photos on printed materials. In the case of a ChromaLuxe product, sublimation is applied to the coated surface. This coating layer makes the difference. The coating layer provides sharpness, gloss and depth effect.

Universal Woods has many years of experience in developing coated surfaces. Currently, ChromaLuxe has three materials to which they apply the coating: aluminium, hardboard and MDF. All types of ChromaLuxe materials can be ordered from us.

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ChromaLuxe customized photo panels

ChromaLuxe photo panels have rounded corners as standard and are 1.14mm thick. Because of this thickness they feel light but still strong. When the size exceeds 40x60cm, a sturdy rear suspension system is required for additional reinforcement.

Aluminium ophangsysteem voor fotopanelen

The standard dimensions of ChromaLuxe are available in the most common formats. It is also possible to request a custom made photo panel. We can deliver any size to the millimetre. We can also deliver customised shapes (round, oval, etc.).

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Benefits of ChromaLuxe

ChromaLuxe is moisture resistant

The ChromaLuxe photo panels are water-resistant. ChromaLuxe  has an extra hard surface that prevents the water from attacking the photo. It is even possible to clean the photo panel thoroughly with soap! The photo panel can therefore be suspended in damp rooms. The photo panel can be hung in the shower and outdoors in the garden. It can also be used for advertising messages that are hung outside. By using ChromaLuxe  you distinguish yourself from others!

Matt / gloss & aluminum

A photo can be printed on a matte or glossy photo panel. It is also possible to choose whether the panel has a white or an aluminium top layer. A photo on an aluminium top layer gives the photo a special effect. The white in the photo is left out so that the brushed aluminium becomes visible.


Colourfast & 3D effect

Because the aluminium ChromaLuxe photo panels have a UV resistant coating layer and the photo is printed on the panel by sublimation, the photo comes to life. This ensures that the photo gets depth.  

Super thin

ChromaLuxe photo panels are only 1.14mm thin! The photo poles are therefore extra light and easy to hang up. The photo panel can be suspended from the wall. The MDF photopanels have an MDF wooden frame and are therefore thicker. These are 16 mm thick.


Benefits of ChromaLuxe

ChromaLuxe photo panel are printed by sublimation

Sublimation literally means a phase transition from a solid phase substance to a gaseous phase. When printing the aluminium ChromaLuxe panels, special ink is used, which through heating takes on a gaseous state (Sawgrass is a renowned producer). In this state, the ink can attach visibility to the special coating on the Chromaluxe panels.Sublimatie pers om te sublimeren

After sublimating the photo panel, the ink returns to a fixed state and is connected to the panel. The ink is therefore not on the panel but forms a permanent bond with the panel. The aluminium photo panels of ChromaLuxe are specially developed for sublimation. The photopanels have a thick coating layer which allows the ink to penetrate deep into the coating.

The technique sublimation has existed for several years. The sublimation technique has been used in the industry for years. It is the coating of ChromaLuxe and the entire sublimation process that makes the photo colourful and sharp. It is therefore important that a high-quality coating is used!

We sublimate on different materials and can deliver any shape and size. We will gladly help you!


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