Photo on aluminum

Optimal gloss and brightness on aluminium photo panels from ChromaLuxe

Aluminium HD photo panels

Unlike other suppliers, we use sublimation to print a photo on aluminium. This guarantees a high quality print.

We use very high quality aluminium photo panels. ChromaLuxe stands for outstanding coating. The aluminium photo panels are only 1mm thick and lightweight. With a photo on aluminium by ChromaLuxe you have a product in your hands which offers plenty of possibilities!

Check the benefits of ChromaLuxe

Business market

We mainly focus on the business market. Are you an photographer, artist or entrepreneur and would you like to know more about our products? Please contact us.

Foto op aluminium ideaal voor

  • Photographers: Print your finest photos on aluminum with perfect image quality;
  • Companies: Make a striking advertisement with eye-catching photo panels;
  • Municipalities: Water-resistant and vandalism-resistant  photopanels;
  • Restaurant& hotels: Unique and striking wall decoration;
  • Webshop owners: Become a reseller of our wide range of personalized products;
  • Artists: Discover the possibilities of a photo on aluminium by sublimation.

Applications of high quality aluminium

Sublimaion of photographic art work

For photographers and artists, ChromaLuxe is a perfect way to bring a work of art to life. We work with calibrated screens and work with extreme precision to bring the image perfectly to aluminium using  sublimation technique. You can order any size and shape on ChromaLuxe from us. Have you come up with a different concept or do you want to offer a personalised product on the market? We will gladly help you! You are always welcome in our showroom.

How supply a photo?

Photographic artwork printing through sublimation artwork

Sublimation press

Sublimation on aluminum

Print your photo on aluminum through sublimation. By using dye sublimation instead of printing the ink on the aluminum, a photo becomes super sharp. The ink is applied at a high temperature (200° degrees) in the coating on top of the aluminium. Sublimation therefore means that you do not see any pixels of the photo and the ink cannot be removed from it. The coating layer is also protected against weather influences and can therefore also be hung outside.

Thick coating layer

The thick coating layer of ChromaLuxe panels makes the difference in gloss, sharpness, deep colours and scratch resistance. Compared to many Chinese sublimation products, ChromaLuxe panels have up to 2x to 3x thicker coatings. This coating layer is on the aluminium. This ink is introduced into the coating during the sublimation process by heating. This is a big difference with printing, where the ink is printed directly on the aluminium.

Photo on aluminum of ChromaLuxe rounded corners

Aluminium hanging system

Hanging systems & standards

The photo panels are very light and can be suspended from the wall in a simple way. You can choose from an aluminium hanging set which is attached to the aluminium panel by a adhesive strip and can then be hung with a screw. It is also possible to select an MDF suspension system.