Photo on MDF by sublimation

Very high quality MDF ChromaLuxe photo panels

MDF premium quality

High quality MDF ChromaLuxe photo panels. Nowhere else available. A photo is sublimated directly on the wooden photo panel which has an additional coating layer. A photo on an MDF list is of museum quality.

For decoration or for resale of your photos or photographic art. The MDF gives a photo a classic look, making it very suitable for paintings and artwork.


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Perfect quality on MDF

A photo by dye sublimation on premium quality MDF. The MDF photo panel is made of wood with a thick coating layer at the top. The ink is introduced into the coating layer by sublimation. The result is a beautiful photo on MDF which can be hung directly on the wall. The photo panel has two smart keyholes so that the panel can easily be hung on the wall. The edges are beautifully finished in black. The front side is finished with a 45-degree facet edge

Photo on MDF sublimating studio artwork

No suspension system required

The MDF wooden photo frames are already equipped with  a suspension system. This is because there are two keyholes on the back of the photo panel, which allows the frame to be hung both horizontally and vertically. There is therefore no need to purchase a suspension system to hang the panel. The only thing you need are screws or brackets on which the photo panel can be hung.

Sublimate photo on wood