Print photo on MDF

Formats MDF photo panels

Sublime result on MDF photo panels

MDF standard sizes

MDF rectangle

Name Size
Photo panel MDF 20 x 30cm
Photo panel MDF 30 x 40cm
Photo panel MDF 40 x 60cm
Photo panel MDF 60 x 80cm
Photo panel MDF  70 x 100cm

MDF square

Name Size
Photo panel MDF  50 x 50cm
Photo panel MDF 70 x 70cm

Photo on MDF sizes

The MDF photo panels are only supplied in standard formats. If the order is over 50 pieces, the photo panels can be delivered customized.

Facet border and slotted holes

The MDF photo panels are 1.6cm thick and have a beautiful facet border on the front. The back of the photo panel contains slotted holes, allowing the MDF photo panel to be suspended directly from the wall. A photo is taken on the MDF by sublimation in the coating.  

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