Large-format ChromaLuxe - Aluminium

Large-format photo

A photo can also be ordered on a large format aluminium photo panel. We can deliver up to 110 x 175cm in size, which results in a very impressive result. ChromaLuxe's high-quality coating provides very bright and deep colours and protects a photo from water and scratches. By opting for sublimation technology you choose a very durable and beautiful product!

Benefits at Chromio

  • Sublimation technique
  • Glossy, matt or brushed
  • Up to size 110 x 175cm
  • For interior and exterior
  • High quality coating
  • Durable product

Photo on aluminum



Perfect protection

By using sublimation technique, an image is inserted into the coating at a high temperature. Because the ink is in the coating layer, an image is optimally protected against water. By using sublimation technology, the aluminium is permanently decorated and recyclable.

Available with luxury aluminium suspension system

A large format aluminium photo panel is supplied as standard including a suspension system. We attach it to the back of the photo panel. If this is not desired, it can of course also be supplied without a suspension system.

Table top with photo

It is also possible to order a large sized tabletop with a photo. We can supply any size table on request. A table with a photo can be supplied with or without a base. A special coating is used, so that it is more UV-resistant and can therefore also stand in the sun outside.