Supply files for sublimation printing

The correct submission of a file ensures that your photo is sublimated in the correct way. It is therefore important to take into account the following points.

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Number of PPI between 100 and 300

For a sharp print, it is important that a photo has enough pixels for the size at which you want to sublimate it. The larger the size, the more pixels a photo needs. This is expressed in pixels per inch. A photo between 100 and 300 PPI is required for a sharp printout.

Calculate number of PPI / DPI

Colour Profile Adobe RGB / sRGB

When submitting your photo, it is important that the correct color profile is included. We use the most common color profiles Adobe RBG or sRGB.

Adobe RGB en Adobe sRGB


Upload files

Files can be emailed to In case of large files, you can use the WeTransfer. Allows you to send files up to 2GB.

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Sublimation bleeding from 3 to 5mm

When a photo is sublimated on a product we need extra space around the photo to sublimate.

Photo panel is placed on the picture with the coating on the photo. This requires 3-5mm bleeding, so that there is no white space at the sides of the coating. During heating, the ink draws the ink from the photo into the coating.

Submit photo for sublimation cutting margin