aluminium suspension system photo panel

Aluminium hanging system

Strong aluminum suspension system for hanging a photo on aluminium floating on the wall.

Large-format suspension system

A photo on aluminium is easy to hang up with our aluminium suspension system. The suspension system is attached to the rear. The photo panel will hang 2cm from the wall. We can supply any size hanging system.

The suspension system is attached to the photo panel with VHB tape. VHB is known for its very strong connection and is also used in airplanes and cars.

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ChromaLuxe MFD block with additional support

Suspension system with MDF blocks

The suspension system for an aluminium photo panel consists of a large MDF block (115 x 115 x 115 x 13mm) with a keyhole and a small MDF block (50 x 50 x 50 x 13mm) which can be used to support a photo panel. The MDF block is attached to the photo panel by means of an adhesive strip.   

The MDF suspension system is applicable to small sizes. Formats larger than 30x40cm can best be hung with an aluminium suspension system.

Aluminum stand

Aluminum stand

With an aluminium stand (140 x 50 x 1mm) your photo can be placed anywhere on ChromaLuxe. The stand has an adhesive strip so that it can be attached to the photo panel. The stand can be bent as desired, so that the photo panel is in your desired position.