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Chromio is based in the Netherlands and supplies products in Europe. Through constant innovation we try to deliver sublime products. We supply sublimation products for interior and exterior. Every size and shape is available. Sublimation products can be used for a variety of purposes and we would like to think along with you about how a product can strengthen your business.

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Hertzstraat 19
6716 BS
Frankeneng, Ede
The Netherlands
+31 318 – 30 89 72

Chamber of Commerce: 53524918
VAT: NL001124223B39

Customization of sublime products

Our focus is on delivering high quality products. Since 2013 we have moved into the world of sublimation. Since then, we have made big leaps and bounds and are now doing the sublimation process entirely in-house.

Personal contact

We consider personal service and customer satisfaction very important. Because we are still a small company and do everything in-house, we can also pursue this objective.

Color management

Our mission is to provide customers with prints that are as close as possible to expectations. This process is especially complex in the case of sublimation because many variables need to be well matched to each other in order to achieve the right printout. We have done everything we can to get the perfect colours. Do you want a proof print? This can be done at a reduced price.