Present your company with a photo collection

Create a unique collage of your most beautiful photos on your wall with the aluminum Chromaluxe photo panels

Photo collection on aluminium

The aluminium collection of photo panels have small holes in the aluminium. These photo panels can then be connected to each other by means of brackets. This makes it possible to make very nice large photo collages, which leads to a very impressive result. It is possible to print a photo on several photo panels, it is also possible to sublimate a different photo per panel.

Fun for restaurant / snack bar to present a menu. The photo panels can be easily disassembled so that the order can be changed. There are countless possibilities to use a photo collection as a fun / beautiful marketing tool.

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Mosaic with ChromaLuxe photo panels

The ChromaLuxe photo collection panels can be easily connected to each other. This way you can put together your mosaic collection in unlimited width and length. The panels can each have their own photo, but it is also possible to sublimate a large photo across multiple photo panels!

Connect photos to a photo collection

Print various photos of work, logos, logos, staff on ChromaLuxe photo panels. A collection can always be completed afterwards by ordering a photo panel separately! These photo panels can be attached to each other with brackets. It is also possible to print 1 large photo on multiple panels. A photo collage is excellent for use at fairs where you want to distinguish yourself from others.  

An aluminium photo panel for a photo collage has a hole in every corner. The panels can then be connected to each other by means of suspension hooks. The aluminium photo panels are suspended on an aluminium beam, which is attached to the wall. Three aluminium photo panels can be attached to this beam. You can hang several aluminium beams next to each other, so that a photo collage can also be made larger across the width.

Foto op fotocollectie

Photo collection ChromaLuxe