Printing of high-quality photo panels

We supply high-quality and durable sublimated fine art products. The combination of a unique coating, excellent paper and a high-quality printer makes an image perfect and razor-sharp reproduction on wood, aluminium, hardboard and mdf.

Photo on aluminum

For fine art artists, photographers and companies

We offer a wide range of products with a brilliant print. The durability, sharpness, depth and color of a photo printed by sublimation makes it ideal for an exhibition or decoration of hotels, restaurants, etc. As well known as advertising billboards, information boards and we produce tables with the most beautiful prints!

A photo comes to life with printing by sublimation technique

Photo on Aluminium by sublimation - ChromaLuxe

Photo sublimation on aluminum

Hair sharp and intense colours that bring a photo to life! The aluminium has slightly rounded corners and consists of pure aluminium. Excellent for high-quality prints for exhibitions, works of art, marketing, decoration, etc.

Photo on MDF by sublimation - ChromaLuxe

Photo sublimation on MDF

Powerful appearance due to the finished black edges on the side and an oblique facet rim on the front. Numerous possibilities in shapes because the MDF is easy to milling: surfboard shape, car shape, round...

Feel free to visit our showroom to see the products!

Photo on Wood of ChromaLuxe by sublimation

Photo sublimation on Natural Wood

A natural wood look with the exclusive natural wood product. It feels firm and has a vintage look. The structure of the wood is beautifully visible and finished with a semi-gloss. Ideal for furnishing restaurant, hotels, hotels, bars, nightlife, living room, etc.

Photo on Hardboard by sublimation - ChromaLuxe

Photo sublimation on Hardboard

Robust and elegant. A photo on hardboard is available in small sizes and comes with a stand on the back. The photo panel can therefore be placed directly on a desk. Both horizontal and vertical. No photo frame needed anymore.

Specialist in sublimation. Everything under own management!

Specialist in sublimation

Chromio sublimate photos on high quality aluminium photo panels. The combination of a unique coating, excellent paper and a high-quality printer means that photos are perfectly printed on aluminium. In the case of sublimation, the ink is applied to the aluminium at a temperature of 195 degrees Celsius. This makes the photo untouchable for water and fire.

Used Machine Heat Press Monti Antonio

Are you in the market for a reliable second-hand heat press? Look no further! We have a Monti Antonio Double Heat Press in excellent condition, still actively in use. We're parting ways with this press as we're reorganizing our space and planning to invest in a different model.

This second-hand heat press has been well-maintained and serviced by TTS. In 2024, it underwent a maintenance check where the relays were replaced, and the gasket set on the right side was upgraded. It's equipped for sublimating textiles and hard substrates such as ChromaLuxe.

More information? See Used Machine Heat Press Monti Antonio


Transferpers voor sublimatie

Personalise product?

Who offer several standard products to sublimate. For example, we make advertising billboards for in the garden, information boards for parks, surfboarding, memorials, tables, etc.

In addition, we also sublimate on personalized products such as trays, clipboards, coasters. Ideal to sell via a webshop. All these products are printed with sublimation technology.

Does a product have what you want to personalize through sublimation? We like to think along with you when developing the product.

Advertising board

Product personalization by sublimation

Become a reseller?

We focus on the corporate market and offer our business customers the opportunity to enter into a partnership. Our products are very suitable for sale through your webshop or shop. As a photographer, your photos will be immediately reversed with a photo on aluminium by ChromaLuxe. Ask about the possibilities or visit us once to see the products with your own eyes.

Become a reseller

HDR on ChromaLuxe

HDR photo on ChromaLuxe

The photo entitled 'Return of the Aurochs' was taken in the Maashorst, a nature reserve in the east of Noord-Brabant. Besides tauruses, the area is also home to wisents and Exmoor ponies. The tauros descends indirectly from the aurochs. This makes them look impressive and they sometimes fall out in a fearsome and ferocious roar.

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chromaluxe by sublimation

Drop shipping of beautiful photo panels

Recently we were able to welcome a new webshop that makes use of our dropshipping services for photo panels. We offer the possibility to send a photo panel directly to the customer. This way you can be busy with photography and selling, while we arrange the handling of the photo panel for you.

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Large format exterior information boards

For the winning design 'Windows on the past' by designer Karin Colen we were allowed to make the photo panels. A very nice project! In September 2019, around the Airborne commemoration of 75 years of operation Market Garden, the landmark was unveiled.

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acrylic printing with image and bending

Acrylic printing and forming

Acrylate is a material that is easy to work with. It is also increasingly used in interiors, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Because it is so laborious, the possibilities with this material are enormous. Chromio can provide Acrylate with an image and also deform it.

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Glow in the Dark aluminium photo panels printing

Recently we now have the opportunity to offer Glow in the Dark photo panels. These photo panels give light in the dark and during the day they have the normal colors. The white parts light up in the dark.

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Office furnishings with a photo panel

Luxury photo panel for the office

Today, many people spend more time in their offices than in the living room. However, little attention is paid to the design of an office. The white walls, office tables and filing cabinets often make the decor of an office room.

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Framing aluminium photo picture

Framing of ChromaLuxe photo panels

When printing fine art on ChromaLuxe you can choose to frame the aluminium panel. This allows you to support or even strengthen the work of art.

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Fading photo art

Van Gogh should have printed his works of art on ChromaLuxe

Vincent van Gogh was already familiar with the fading of an artwork over time. Paintings wither like flowers ", wrote Vincent van Gogh. It is a pity that at that time his works of art could not yet be printed on ChromaLuxe, then we would have had a better idea of his works of art. ChromaLuxe lasts more than 100 years.

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Art work shipping international

Packaging and shipping professional art work

From experience I know that ChromaLuxe photo panels need to be treated with extra policy. The aluminium sheets are thin (which has the advantage that they are very lightweight), making the corners vulnerable.  

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Photo on ChromaLuxe

All about ChromaLuxe

You've probably heard of a photo on Dibond more often. A photo on Dibond often means a photo on aluminium and vice versa. But what is a picture on ChromaLuxe?

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Print photo round format

New at Chromio: Round size aluminium

At Chromio it is now also possible to print your photo on a round photo panel!

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Aluminium sublimation

Sublimation on aluminum

The aluminium photo panels at Chromio are printed by sublimation. The ink is transferred to the aluminium by heating.

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